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The day after coronavirus



The day after coronavirus

The number of coronavirus cases is slowly falling down and the world is starting to realize the lesson from this crisis. It will take some time until we will enjoy our holiday abroad, but after that we can explore and get surprised by the changes in our favourite destinations. As we have informed before, Cairo will welcome you with a new face of the Tahrir square and with a majestic Grand Museum of Egypt. The global health advisory remains still on level 4, not recommanding to travel. The government or the airport websites unfortunately don‘t offer any further information about when are the governments planing to loose the travel restrictions. At the end of April the Egyptian government has extended the state emergency further for three months. So far there have been recorded 28 615 cases, 7 350 healed and 1 088 deaths. The curve continues to drop as a consequence of hygienic precautions adopted. Although travelling to Egypt is very restricted, there are possibilities to have a holiday if you travel within the country. From the 1st of June the hotels can operate at maximum 50% capacity, but only those, that have required a new Hygiene Safety badge. This badge is represented by the sun disc with an Ankh, Wedja and Senab (life, prosperity and health). The quarrantine for many staff members around the Red Sea resorts has ended and like the tourist sightseeing places, also all tourist establishments have been sanitized. Although high hygienic standards were nothing new in many Egyptian hotels, the large spread and control of these standards pushes the bar to a whole other level. The Egyptian Hotel Association, has provided tools to prevent further infections. The mattresses, fabric furniture and tapestries will be disinfected with steam machines provided. All touchable points will be cleaned and sterilized every hour in public places and restrooms, pool water is to be kept at high temperature and laundry must be disinfected after daily washing. The preventive measures are taken also when it comes to food, the staff will be required to wear protective masks and gloves and maintaining social distancing.

The day after coronavirus | Hygiene safety badge

The day after coronavirus | Hygiene safety badge

Many positive news were brought also when it comes to air pollution. The partial lockdown has cut the air pollution by more than a third in Cairo and the Egyptian officials hope to hold on to these improvements by expanding clean transport networks, including using more electric buses, encouraging more cycling and potentially shifting business hours. The minister of Environment has stated, that the government is moving forward with plans to expand the Greater Cairo subway network to accommodate 6 million passengers a day by 2025. It also plans to give grants to private car owners to help them convert their vehicles to run on natural gas and to build more areas for a bicycle-sharing project that started in Fayoum city, north of Cairo, in February. Over the next four years, the city will work towards providing a shared bicycle system accessible to every student in Egypt.

The countries are slowly recovering their economies and one way of doing so is helping the businesses to spin the cash flow. When the travel restrictions will be lifted, do not hesitate to help your favourite destination and travel company. After all, we all deserve a little treat after the lockdown. Please keep in mind, that spending some extra dollars for a travel insurance can help you in unforeseen troubles. As we always care for our clients and readers, we are here for you to provide you the most accurate and helpful information and counsel. If you are in need or interested in any information regarding current situation in Egypt, don’t hesitate to contact us. Your Egypt Tours is always at your service.

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