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Home / Blog / Where To Go blog category / 7 Top Attractions in Cairo - Egypt Tours

7 Top Attractions in Cairo - Egypt Tours

The Best Attractions in Cairo Tours



7 Top Attractions in Cairo - Egypt Tours

                                                                        " Cairo Attractions "                                                                                

As we all know that Cairo is famous for the Giza Plateau as it is known by its Great 3 Pyramids, but what you can do at night after that? Stay with us to see some beautiful places to visit in Cairo.

Here you can spend a very special and beautiful night as you can find the Ballet performances, music and Opera Aida concert also you can find a huge library for Opera’s history.

As it is full of theaters that contain Orchestra Concerts, so quickly go dress up and have an enjoyable night in Egypt Tours.

This great center is located and found in the Center of Cairo as it’s found in a special place, so you can enjoy a beautiful night in this amazing place also by watching Al Tannoura Egyptian amazing shows.

It is one of the most different and special amazing places to make your trip becoming more enjoyable. You can go through the Nile as you can see the town in its beautiful and amazing lights at night which makes you feel that there is a life full of crowded people in Cairo.

As you can enjoy your trip by taking this felucca in the Nile and smelling the fresh air. One hour Relaxing feluccas ride on the Nile in Cairo.

You can take your dinner on a Nile Cruise which is a great ship for sailing on the Nile River and also it includes many activities like the Al Tannoura show, Belly dancing show, singer singing beautiful old and new songs. Also, there is a delicious open buffet to take your dinner while you are in the middle of the River. You can also enjoy the country beautiful views from the roof of the cruise.

El Moes Street is one of the most popular streets in Cairo Egypt, as it contains lots of ancient accessories and antiques.

This street is only for walking, no cars can be available to enter this street.

This place has many bazaars for shopping in which you can buy the most beautiful perfumes, and old wonderful accessories, also it has a very famous place to eat and gather with your friends which are called Al Fishawy Coffee.

This tower is the tallest great building in Cairo.

The Cairo Tower is the best and most wonderful place where you can see all of the countries from the top of it. It has many restaurants to take lunch or dinner in the tower.

At the top of the tower, you’ll find the rotated amazing restaurant, also you can see and enjoy the magnificent views of Cairo from the top of the tower.

This is one of the most enjoyable activities you can do on your trip. This show presents to you all the entire life and scenes of the Ancient Egyptians and Pharaohs and their traditions which became the Egyptian's traditions too.

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